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Whi†ney. Las Vegas, Nevada. Leo. Pop culture enthusiast. Life is a, uh, depending how you dress her.





my real name is *truck driving past sound* but everyone calls me dad

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First time wearing eyeliner in quite some time and it’s actually even?

Purikura part deux

Purikura part one

🎀💖#purikura part deux🎀💖


#ootd ⚫️SPORTY SPICE⚫️ 📷 photo creds: @hannahinloafers (at 50 Street & Broadway Mta Subway Station)

Hiiiiii Tumblr, it’s really frickin hot outside/I haven’t posted a pic of my face in awhile?

Our future album cover. #GothDay #uospiritweek #uo54