Kirsten, the ultimate California girl. 

Photograph by Juergen Teller; styled by Felicia Garcia-Rivera; written by Sofia Coppola; W magazine May 2014. 

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"I have to learn how to say no a lot. Life is too short for anything else."

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ANASTASIA KRIVOSHEEVA in 30 Seconds to Mars’ music video “Up In The Air”

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A special MEAT  | Gaby Ouellet by Nicolas Coulomb

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Winona Ryder.

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Honey, I’m not your honey pie. #haim #iwannabeinabadassgirlband

iwannabeinabadassgirlband haim personal Las Vegas boulevard pool cosmopolitan
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My life in a sentence

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Possibly Maybe (1995)

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Lindsey Wixson by Joachim Johnson
RIKA Magazine

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